“Only those who keep challenging can progress!”
We are currently recruiting motivated individuals for the following positions:

Recruitment type

1, Japanese Teacher (part-time)
2, Full-time Lecturer (full-time)
3, Study Advisor

1, Japanese teacher (part-time)

  • Qualification holders welcome
  • Welcome housewives and senior language enthusiasts
  • You can discuss the time and number of lessons according to your convenience.

2, Full-time lecturer (full-time employee)

  • You will be responsible for students currently enrolled in a school (high school, university, graduate school, etc.).
  • While maintaining long-term communication with the student in charge, please provide guidance based on the student’s learning level.
  • In addition to student guidance, you will also be involved in educational affairs such as planning and managing classroom operations and proposing new content for the entire school.
  • After the second year of joining the company, there is a possibility of being selected as a person in charge.

3, Study Advisor

In educational affairs, you will be involved in work according to your wishes and aptitude.
Please support the heart of the students.

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