Knowledge changes a person’s destiny.
People’s destiny and way of life change society

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Management policy

For Japanese language learners, we will strive to teach efficiently and sustainably. We also strive to ensure that all of our teachers maintain their passion for teaching.

Top Words

“Learning Japanese has made me fulfilled and happy.Continuous learning and progress have given me confidence and a broader perspective on things.”

“Most importantly, it has improved my studies, career, and life. ALPHA Mirai aims to be a bridge of friendship between Japan and China, as well as the rest of the world.”

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Business Content

From long-term study abroad courses to Japanese courses for everyday use and business situations, we offer a variety of courses to suit your goals.

Lecturer Introduction

Our company is engaged in education-related business centered on Japanese language learning. We will introduce the instructor who actually teaches.

User’s Voice

We will introduce the voices of users who are learning in Yuanzhi Education.


Before ALPHA Mirai Co., Ltd. was incorporated, the trade name was “Yuanzhi Education”. Based on the philosophy “Knowledge changes people’s destinies. People’s destinies and ways of life change society,” we started our educational business in June 2017 and became a corporation in November 2018. We are located in Ueno, the “Cultural Capital” of the international metropolis of Tokyo. Our teachers are excellent and provide Japanese language education for foreigners who want to go to school, work, or live in Japan.

As we approach our 6th year (as of 2023) since our founding, we have launched a new project「Japanese Expert」, with the motto of “supporting those who are learning Japanese to speak fluently.” We provide education using our original teaching materials and a curriculum tailored to the learner by the means of our enthusiastic teachers.

Japan is facing a labor shortage due to the declining birthrate and aging population, and the unprecedented pandemic has made the labor shortage a serious situation. On the other hand, Japanese companies are expected to raise wage levels significantly and we think that Japan is becoming more attractive to foreigners who like Japanese culture.

In addition, due to the evolution of AI and DX, human learning is becoming more and more diversified beyond traditional face-to-face instruction.

With the concept of “enjoyably, efficiently, and continuously learning Japanese,” 「Japanese Expert」provides Japanese language education for foreigners who want to go on to higher education, work, or live in Japan. We will provide. Using an online live Japanese conversation project, we will guide students according to their aptitude so that they can achieve twice the results with half the effort.

Based in Ueno, Tokyo, we aim to be a pioneer who can provide useful instruction to all Japanese language learners around the world. Please look forward to the future [Japanese expert].

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